Thanatron: A Comedy In Two Acts

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My old man uses poppers! An ill-mannered, slapstick comedy. Kenny falls wildly in love with straight Paul, who falls for Kenny anyway. An enjoyable new play about blossoming gay love, full of snappy dialogue, that explores the development of love beyond sex and how a new relationship can change older ones. Fun and engaging, the playwright clearly knows his craft.

The student, convinced that the teacher is the answer to his life, tracks the teacher down in a bar where they engage in a battle of wills about Marxism and the meaning of love. A Samuel French Semi-Finalist. No other data submitted Prometheus All Bound An exploration of the current-day political meaning of the mythic characters Prometheus and Zeus. Looking for love in all the wrong places.

Right and how his best friends and his big mouth keep getting in the way. No other data submitted Big Dicks on Stage Selling out just to sell out. A comedy about a playwright who has trouble getting his message across. No other data submitted Get Away from Me, Bitch!

A gay wedding table at a straight wedding and it seems everyone knows the groom … intimately. No other data submitted Puss in Pumps A very bent panto with kings, queens, ogres and pussy! Seven friends living and loving in the time of AIDS.

Three Comedies

No other data submitted The Ladies Choice Three women from different parts of this century, each with her own story to tell. A play with songs. Two men fall in love and build a relationship then do battle to keep it going.

Getting married just for some white goods with a little bit of Nana Mouskouri thrown in. No other data submitted Greetings from a Small Planet Monologues. A one man show about hope, love, desire, passion and memory. An emotionally crippled public defender tries to help a gay man who has admitted to a brutal double murder.

Her efforts lead her toward a shattering emotional realization. Staged readings in NYC. A straight and a gay brother, along with their spouses, bury their abusive father when a stranger appears at the funeral. As the mother tries to reconcile with her sons, secrets are revealed that ultimately help begin a healing process. Premiered at the Daylight Zone. A gay man and straight woman are best friends. Both seem to have found the man of their dreams.

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The gay man discovers they have been seeing the same man. Premiered in Philadelphia by ErotiZone Theatricks. One or Two-Act: 75 min. Lucifer approaches the gates of Heaven, intent on resigning his post as the Devil. He discovers that Yahweh has already resigned as the Lord. It is revealed the big fight between Yahweh and Lucifer was really all about. During her travels, three monsters attempt to enslave or destroy her. One-Act: 25 min.


Hanky and Alf confess they love each other. Karla runs into her screen idol, Betty Boo, and the two women consider getting romantically involved.

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The discomfort of shifting allegiances provokes a battle between the males and females. Re-written in October Won runner-up in the comedy category in a national, independent video contest in Run time: min. An arrogant ruler is transformed by love — transformed, once again, by its loss — and thereby becomes a legend. A very personal story, showing a physical and mental journey that begins with greed and abuse of power.

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A retelling of the 4,year-old poem, the Epic of Gilgamesh. This project received a seed production grant from the Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation on November 10, The Right to Marry video, A documentary about a basic human freedom.

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  6. It spells out why this right is so important to the community, and what we can do to win and preserve it. Views from a gay teen, female impersonator, Texas Housewife, and former beauty queen battle their inner thoughts. Rivadavia , Apto. Now, in , Eva wants to live in the home with her ill and destitute grandfather. Marc agrees to the arrangement, in spite of major conflicts with Henry.

    His play is a vivid telling, worthy of your consideration.

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    Two-Act - 1 hr. Chronically unemployed, he struggles to make ends meet. The insanity of his past, and the strong, freakish bond that holds him and Grandma together is revealed. When Anthony meets Doug, a fellow Linda Ronstadt nut with a secret, Grandma and Anthony must learn how to maintain their relationship, while allowing Anthony a little freedom. Two-Act: 85 min. Full of poetry, song, improv comedy, sword fights, as well as explorations of gender roles, body image, and homophobia. Finalist, Jane Chambers Award. Two-Act: 95 min. As they go through his effects and make funeral arrangements, they also try to make sense of their past and their own spiky relationships — with the kibitzing ghost of Albert looking on.

    Marla begins an intense Buddhist meditation practice that soon has her living half-time on her knees. An off-beat comedy about relationships and change. One-Act: 55 min. Alternately furious, supportive, silly, and sad, four diverse artists struggle together with the limits of creativity, friendship, and the special obstacles they face as women. Honors, Jane Chambers Award. A poetic comedy. A mysterious noir angel. And can those be real wings on her black leather jacket?

    One-Act: min. A dark comic look at our slippery identities. Published in Anything That Moves. Published in Blithe House Quarterly. A comic rant. Zander moves to New York City, and shares an apartment with his lesbian friend Lizzie, while neighbor Patrick has a never-ending crush on him. Naturally, Lizzie convinces Zander that, with a little planning, secrets can be kept. Winner of the Vermont Playwrights Award. Won the Robert Chesley Award Won the Helene Wurlitzer Grant for Artists Two-Act: 1 hour 40 min. An aspiring writer, Eric, enters Purgatory and meets the not-so-cordial Pearly Gates. Capote shines, bringing his gay wit and humor to the group.

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    5. The play explores the individuality of mankind and the realization that the most interesting parts of a life are often those which remain secret. Pickering Award for Playwriting Excellence. One-Act: 2 hour 15 min. Even when family and friends insist that he come out, Danny Rosenberg seems oblivious to his own obvious homosexuality. One-Act: 45 min. The tragic results of his duplicitous life force him to face himself.

      The highly-charged sexual relationship of two very different men, set against the changing culture and attitudes of the last half of the 20th century, shows their lust and love for each other, and their final redemption. One or Two-Act: 95 min.

      Thanatron: A Comedy In Two Acts Thanatron: A Comedy In Two Acts
      Thanatron: A Comedy In Two Acts Thanatron: A Comedy In Two Acts
      Thanatron: A Comedy In Two Acts Thanatron: A Comedy In Two Acts
      Thanatron: A Comedy In Two Acts Thanatron: A Comedy In Two Acts
      Thanatron: A Comedy In Two Acts Thanatron: A Comedy In Two Acts

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