Sage Leadership:Awakening the Spirit in Work

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Sandra S. Pamela M. Greg P. Alex B. Thomas Clute, M. Drucilla G.

There are always a number of people who have worked with my friends and colleagues Craig Hamilton, Claire Zammit, and Katherine Woodward Thomas. And, of course, many who have worked with me during the time that I was teaching with Patricia Albere.

Awakening the Divine Spark in the Spirit of Humanity

Without any of us having planned it, a meta-sangha has formed, not just because there are many teachers offering different work and different communities — that was always the case — but because it is now easier than ever to work with different teachers and sometimes more than one at once. As participants, we see each other in one course or program and then in another, and as teachers we have the opportunity to work with other teachers.

We all move in and out, uniting and reunited with our meta-sangha brothers and sisters over and over again. About ten years ago the Integralist Clint Fuhs and I did a series of workshops focused on what we were then talking about as the second-generation phenomena and trans-lineage spirituality. This was not just a mixing of paths; it was a new path, a trans-lineage path. It now seems that the trans-lineage efforts of so many of us has given birth to a meta-sangha of individuals who move between focus communities generating awakening along the way and cross-pollinating all of the communities they touch.

Like bees flying from flower to flower we leave a little bit of our own awakening each time we take the next course, workshop or retreat. And we take a little insight from our current experience that becomes part of what we have to pass along. In retrospect, this feels like the inevitable outcome of the growth of alternative spirituality and the technological capacities that connect us. If you wanted to be involved with a path you either had to be satisfied with reading books and discussing them with friends, see a single lecture by a visiting teacher, or move to live in a community or visit a far off ashram.

I decided to leave everything behind and spend twenty years living in an intentional community.

A one-day event offered by Sage-ing® International

Everything is different today. You can be deeply involved with a community for years without ever having met other members in person. You can work with any number of teachers virtually on any given day. We have the chance to go deeply into the opening of trans-lineage work as part of a meta-sangha of practitioners.

What are the awakening potentials that arise with this heightened level of spiritual cross-pollination? How do we do trans-lineage work well? What is the form of community and connection that will promote both spiritual communion and personal empowerment? There is no reason to assume that trans-lineage work is superlative to any other path. There is and will likely always be the need for focus communities that give themselves exclusively and whole-heartedly to a single form of practice towards awakening.

SAGE Books - Mirror Images: New Reflections on Teacher Leadership

Any one of us, at any time, may need this kind of focus to facilitate the next step of our path. Some of us may even need twenty years of focus in a very particular area. The awakening that we are all a part of operates according to a design that none of us knows entirely. At the same time, my experience tells me that if we listen carefully we can always hear the very next step — and that is all we ever really need. As a teacher myself, the emergence of the meta-sangha elicits a sigh of relief. I have the opportunity to think honestly about what I truly have to offer and to focus on exclusively that.

I also have the opportunity to work with other teachers who have gifts to offer that I want and need. Currently I am in many relationships in which my students in one context are my teachers in another. It will take effort for us to grow into the full potentials of this new model. I am sure than to many the vision of a cross-pollinating spiritual growth community is thrilling, and there are forces that we will need to resist in order to make it so.

As alternative spiritual pursuit has become more popular the demands of commerce have inevitably exerted their influence. Many of us who teach feel pressure to offer one-stop spiritual answers. If we are not careful we will find ourselves offering what we think will appeal to people rather than what we truly know we most clearly have to offer. We will be tempted to hold on too tightly to the people we work with to retain students and clients.

The birth of the trans-lineage meta-sangha is an opportunity to change that and to find ways to work together that more effectively allows our gifts to be shared. If we can resist the temptations of the forces at play in the current economy maybe we can create a new one. Can we create a way of exchanging value that rewards openness, authenticity, and freedom? The trans-lineage path and the meta- sangha that is forming around it are opening up possibilities for awakening and living together. I am continuing to think about the significance of the meta-sangha and in the weeks ahead I intend to share some further thoughts on this exciting emergence.

Dear Jeff, What beautiful ideas and thoughtfulness to be the first reading I encounter in ! I consider this a blessing. Thank you for naming this context of learning and letting go, and evolving and being open to ever new and abundant influences. And to see this in the context of a meta-sangha allows me to see an ever-widening connection, rather than some kind of separation.

Thank you Dear Jeff. Your big heart opens and swirls and encircles all of our hearts and minds and you invite us all to do the same. I accept! With all love, Patty. Yes, Barbara it would be lovely to talk to you.

Love to you too, Jeff. Course Fee s. Section Fees. Don Adams Stacy Grove.

Sage Leadership:Awakening the Spirit in Work
Sage Leadership:Awakening the Spirit in Work
Sage Leadership:Awakening the Spirit in Work
Sage Leadership:Awakening the Spirit in Work
Sage Leadership:Awakening the Spirit in Work
Sage Leadership:Awakening the Spirit in Work
Sage Leadership:Awakening the Spirit in Work

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