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While connections would still be reused to a certain but lesser extent, we were back at square one. But, yet again, this was no silver bullet! However, all requests and responses are equally affected by packet loss e. The role of TCP is to deliver the entire stream of bytes, in the correct order, from one endpoint to the other.

When a TCP packet carrying some of those bytes is lost on the network path, it creates a gap in the stream and TCP needs to fill it by resending the affected packet when the loss is detected. While doing so, none of the successfully delivered bytes that follow the lost ones can be delivered to the application, even if they were not themselves lost and belong to a completely independent HTTP request.

So they end up getting unnecessarily delayed as TCP cannot know whether the application would be able to process them without the missing bits.

QUIC streams share the same QUIC connection, so no additional handshakes and slow starts are required to create new ones, but QUIC streams are delivered independently such that in most cases packet loss affecting one stream doesn't affect others. Combining these steps means that encryption and authentication are provided by default, and also enables faster connection establishment. QUIC enforces delivery order of bytes within single streams, but does not guarantee ordering among different streams. So how do we go from exciting standards documents to working implementation? You can find it on GitHub at github.

As mentioned above, we have started on-boarding customers that signed up for the waiting list.

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If you are on the waiting list and have received an email from us communicating that you can now enable the feature for your websites, you can simply go to the Cloudflare dashboard and flip the switch from the "Network" tab manually:. Then build it.

People enjoy National Day holiday across China. Seven at 70 Dongguan: Dragon dancer.

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Ancient towns in East China's Zhejiang attract visitors. Infographic: Anti-mask law explained. From farmland to city markets. Seven at 70 Zhongshan: Chess player.

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Past, Present, Future? Past, Present, Future?
Past, Present, Future? Past, Present, Future?
Past, Present, Future? Past, Present, Future?
Past, Present, Future? Past, Present, Future?
Past, Present, Future? Past, Present, Future?

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