Lynn and Joe: Peculiar Travel Suggestions

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Tell me if there is and I'll see what Yes! I'd love to I can do! Reply soon. Robert Would like to bring them a gift - any ideas? Write your email. Both parts of Paper 2 carry the same number of marks, so spend the same length of time on each one.

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Write your answer in words in an priate style. Tell Us What You Think! In reviews of books, films, etc you should Have you read a good book recently? If so, we want to know all about it! The writer of the best review that we publish will win a weekend away for two during the Hay-on-Wye Book Festival.

Your teacher has now asked you to write an y giving your views on the following statement: Shopping on the Internet has both advantages and disadvantages. Food to fear We all know that eating too much junk food is bad for our health, but did you know that eating some kinds of health foods could be Michel Simon, who Whilst they are often high in fibre, some of them In addition, some of the foods we have Although they look and sound nutritious, in most 8. For example, some types of dried fruit were So next time you decide to cut down First came.

Now, growing in popularity For those Many people just write about their daily lives Favourite subjects tend to be sports, politics, and gossip. One surprising development of! It is Bear in mind prefixes e. Being a teacher Without a doubt, Teachers must also be good communicators if they are to convey Language teachers in particular have to be aware of all the skills students need to communicate As well as being Perhaps most However, although it can be difficult when teachers find themselves You must use between two and five words, ing the word given.

They are building a new road through the town. TAKEN e The pie was so salty that I could not eat it. SUCH t was I could not eat it. She regrets not going to the party last Saturday. TAKE ainting SURE Sally was TO isn't The Master Puppeteer Peter Roberts describes what it is like to work in the world of puppet theatre and explains what is so special about this art form. Watching wooden dolls come to life may not be one anticipate and what you actually create in the end of the most popular forms of entertainment today, are two very different things, but I've made some of but with over twenty years' experience, talented my best puppets 'accidentally', as it were.

But while the Anyone interested in puppetry can be trained to exact origins of puppet theatre are unknown, it has assist, and not just with the actual puppet making. K are usually the very first kind of theatre," he explains. In his shows are highly original. Equally diverse is the audience he performs An important sideline for Roberts is designing for.

This is a complicated and expensive line 58 entertainment crosses international boundaries and business - it can take a whole day to perfect can be appreciated by people of all ages and cultures. Once captured on computer, however, received some beautiful glove puppets one it is there forever. Still, for Roberts it's traditional Christmas. He started putting on shows with these puppet shows that are his passion. Learning in. The puppets come alive and immediately the mostly from books and personal experience, he audience are in a magical fantasyland. It's just so continued with his 'hobby' while studying for a different from any other kind of theatre.

Certainly the subject matter puppeteer. I realised I had long since abandoned will be expected to be light-hearted rather than all thoughts of pursuing any other career! However, Roberts is keen to point out The puppets are designed specifically for each that puppet theatre can often be used as an show, which is extremely time-consuming. Each one effective educational tool.

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It is gaining popularity. It is a highly skilled art form. C make an audience feel personally involved. D attract large audiences. What would Roberts like people to understand about puppet theatre? A It can be educational as well as entertaining. B It's not just a thing of the past. D Its main purpose should be to educate. There is one extra sentence which you do not need. Something's Cooking Chris Annstrong is a successful London chef who has recently opened his second restaurant. He tells us all about his journey to the top.

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My childhood wasn't easy. Both of my parents were The time spent working as a sous-chef was a in the army and consequently we never lived wonderful learning experience. It was very you're working under top chefs, you can expect to difficult for me to settle into the different schools I be on the receiving end of their world famous bad went to, so I didn't try as hard as I should have and I tempers a lot more often than you would like!

When I was sixteen, Once, Mr Duvalier threw a saucepan at me because I left school and signed up for a career in the army. I let a dish go out to a customer cold. Still, however I enjoyed the army training and really thought that 'heated' it got in the kitchen, I still thrived on I had made the right career choice. But then one working hard as part of a team. Fortunately, I You see, during my recovery I'd started leafing was able to get the necessary repairs done without through some of my mum's cookbooks in the delaying the opening too long. Finally, about a year kitchen. I tried out a few of the simpler recipes, just after I'd first had the idea, 'A Cappella' was open to occupy my time really, but then I started for business!

I began substituting The restaurant was successful beyond my wildest and adding my own ingredients and even making dreams. There were some difficulties at first, but I up entire new recipes.

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Then a friend jokingly was determined to overcome them. I I O suggested that I should train to be a chef. I was recently approached by a TV company about the possibility of filming a 'fly on the wall' television I gained a lot of valuable experience in my first few documentary about the London restaurant. IIID I liD This business certainly isn't easy, but if you are prepared to give it everything you've got, was offered the chance to train under the head chef at the world really is your oyster.

Needless to say, I didn't agonise over my reply.

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F I was informed that I would never be fit ell, I just couldn't get the idea out of my enough for active duty. G It certainly had its share of difficult moments, After a couple more years, I returned to though.

London and became head chef at a newly ened restaurant. H But it was only after moving to London that I felt that my career really started to take off. It may be useful to go through each section of the text in tum and match the questions which refer to it. Which performer But what is it like to be em?

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John McGregor talks to four performers who have made a career out of entertaining others. The Ulusionist The Actor ho would expect to find England 's answer to Michael Webster has been an actor in London for H arry Houdini in the sleepy Lancashire village of almost fifte e n years. Well, thirty-one-year-old Matthew Tate theatre, he has also played many minor parts in TV seems to be exactly that. Undoubtedly, Matthew has films and series. They watch wide-eyed, for example, as he performance, often under imperfect or unpleasant :Tees himself after being submerged handcuffed in a conditions.

And then there is the constant worry ater-filled tank.

He reminds his audience that about where the next job will come from. It fills em, seems equally transfixed. My question - met with a cheeky grin and, of course, complete silence! They watch intently to see if I will blink, begin eight hours of tough physical exercises.

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Then when I'm on stage I. But balance on one hand for six minutes, which needs anding still for hours requires a great deal of incredible strength and endurance," Zhao says. I hysical stamina. It's my aching feet that bother me ask her if she has any regrets. She answers me e most!

Lynn and Joe:  Peculiar Travel Suggestions Lynn and Joe: Peculiar Travel Suggestions
Lynn and Joe:  Peculiar Travel Suggestions Lynn and Joe: Peculiar Travel Suggestions
Lynn and Joe:  Peculiar Travel Suggestions Lynn and Joe: Peculiar Travel Suggestions
Lynn and Joe:  Peculiar Travel Suggestions Lynn and Joe: Peculiar Travel Suggestions
Lynn and Joe:  Peculiar Travel Suggestions Lynn and Joe: Peculiar Travel Suggestions
Lynn and Joe:  Peculiar Travel Suggestions Lynn and Joe: Peculiar Travel Suggestions

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