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Benefits of an aging society

Not only does he have wonderful gravitas thoughtfully delivered with his South Yorkshire accent, but he also understood the pain and beauty of the story and made challenging dark verses his own, with understanding, passion and respect. With the need to find appropriate locations a challenge, I first wanted to see if it was possible to film where Varoujan lived. While I was waiting for the meeting, my son Aren and I took in the sights.

The visit seemed like a pilgrimage. We took a boat ride to the historical Armenian Kinaliada Island and then back on the mainland for the old Byzantium town and Armenian churches. The area is run down now, and of course there is no plaque or statue to mark the place where one of the greatest poets in the then Ottoman empire lived.

Walking up the steep climb, blinded by the setting sun I felt elated and very sad at the same time.

To stand in a street where Taniel would have walked, talked and laughed was emotional. Watching the stray cats and dogs running around, I wondered if their feral ancestors would have been here too. Varoujan probably would have greeted them like royalty with his wonderful surreal mind turning their forms into panthers and wolves hiding in the shadows or dancing in the sun, part of the mythical world he inhabited. I realized as I sat there in his office looking at the grandeur of the past that I was sadly no longer part of this reality.

The script I was holding was about a great man, one of the many shining lights put out at the hands of the Ottoman government over years ago. Ali is a man saddened by the terrible state of his own country and what they have done to others. He was very generous and offered to help me make the film, but it was clear I could not film outside in the open.

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A production in Turkey that showed Armenians arrested on April 24 in ? I might have to shoot the prison scene from within my own cell.

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The city had amazing historical locations and, most importantly, many creative and talented people. Working with the Gyumri Dramatic Theatre was a real pleasure. Not only were they consummate professionals, but they were a joy to work with, focused on the art of acting and the importance of representing one of our greats. The depth of their onscreen performances, expressions and emotions come from our shared history of the Armenian Genocide.

This was not something that needed to be directed or discussed. For them, aging and death are the biggest plagues of our time. Going even further, transhumanists think the Singularity will give rise to a new breed of humans that are far beyond anything we can comprehend today. Using indefinite existence as a premise, meaning that we find a way to dramatically delay the effects of human aging along with most of the normal deteriorations of the human body associated with aging, how will this change society? You are literally not the same person you were five minutes ago. With that given, someone who lives for a long time will undergo an unimaginable amount of change.

People today look back at who they were in their youth, filled with different attitudes and experiences. Imagine that times one thousand.

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While these are huge assumptions, my goal in stepping you through this trial balloon is to talk through whether this dream is as rosy or gloomy as many would imagine. Not all of it will be good and the positives will certainly offset the negatives, if not most of them. We think about it relentlessly. Most books, movies, and television storylines use death as a focal point in their message. But what if death becomes universally fixable and only one hundredth as important as it is today? Logically this should lead to us having enhanced abilities to understand, appreciate, and change the world in ways we cannot yet imagine.

On the plus side, we may have greater contentment, less volatile systems, and greater social wealth.

Secret Dreams (Immortal Warriors #1) by Elizabeth A. Gale

But on the downside, we may discover diseases that only occur to people over , have a harder time dealing with disruptive thinking, and cling to things that should have been dismantled decades, even centuries, earlier. How intimate will family relationships be when there are generations of relatives attending a family gathering? This will mean less volatility in human-based systems like governments, markets, policies, and political will. No one will be interested in life insurance if people no longer die at a predictable age. No more assisted living centers, senior Olympics, probate courts, estate taxes, nursing homes, or senior discounts.

Eventually most of the visual characteristics we associate with aging will disappear, but those caught during this transition period will be the anomalies. Sins of the past will continue to haunt influential families long into the future. For many of the super old, the gamesmanship of being a master manipulator will be their form of entertainment.


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    Immortal Dreams (Sporting Dreams Book 1) Immortal Dreams (Sporting Dreams Book 1)
    Immortal Dreams (Sporting Dreams Book 1) Immortal Dreams (Sporting Dreams Book 1)
    Immortal Dreams (Sporting Dreams Book 1) Immortal Dreams (Sporting Dreams Book 1)
    Immortal Dreams (Sporting Dreams Book 1) Immortal Dreams (Sporting Dreams Book 1)
    Immortal Dreams (Sporting Dreams Book 1) Immortal Dreams (Sporting Dreams Book 1)
    Immortal Dreams (Sporting Dreams Book 1) Immortal Dreams (Sporting Dreams Book 1)

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