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I guess if I felt so inclined I could respond by reversing things and say that if the people making such comments had been fully trained in JKD and truly understood what JKD is really all about, they would know exactly why Lee went the direction he did. Through my years training with Sifu Inosanto I had the opportunity to meet and train with a number of excellent Wing Chun teachers.

And I have great respect for the art. Rather it is an indictment of those individuals both within the Wing Chun system and elsewhere who attempt to distort the truth and attempt to manipulate it to fit their own agenda and support their own actions. Each is an entity unto itself.

It seems that these days it is becoming more more acceptable for people to simply claim that they are teaching various arts.

Build YOUR confidence through realistic training.

Case in point, I just cam Most, if not everyone reading this blog has seen the film Enter the Dragon, and is familiar with one of the opening scenes in which Lee's character, w Featured Posts. JKD and Wing Chun Not the Same Thing. December 1, Chris Kent. December 16, Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews.

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Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Ahmed Gamal rated it did not like it Sep 12, Anthony Licata Jr. James Morenz rated it it was amazing Jun 26, Cathie Toppari marked it as to-read Oct 16, Ketchens marked it as to-read Nov 30, Mike marked it as to-read Feb 05, Amber marked it as to-read Jan 02, Santosh Kapse marked it as to-read Feb 11, Waheb marked it as to-read Aug 15, The first eighty have been very interesting, with lots of adventures and memories, but I need to reflect on what I have learned, so the next eighty will be more fulfilling.

I can write a few books on the mental and emotional things I have learned, but I will leave that for later, maybe when I reach The thing that stands out as my first area of focus is my body. I have this vast library of life information, and yet find the building is falling apart. As the body disintegrates, the utilities that support the daily function of the library begin to malfunction. The wiring becomes frayed and causes short circuits of invaluable memories, or slices of life may begin to fade under the cloud of dementia or darker cloud of Alzheimer's.

What should I attack first, the building structure or work on the utilities? I think working on the building will act to reduce down a problem with the utilities.

Utilizing Wing Chun Kung Fu in Stand-Up Fighting (with videos) – Dynasty Clothing

Medicine tends to work on maintenance of a problem rather than cure it, drugs for every problem. Although drugs can benefit in many ways, they also can create problems. Since I take no medication of any type, I do not want to start now. I feel my current program is working well. However, my physical structure has a few problems. I have had five major surgeries, that resolved a number of major problems, yet created a few new ones. While fusing C1 thru C7, they clipped a nerve in my neck, causing heart problems, had to put in a pacemaker, and caused some weakness in my arms.

Also have problems with fluid flow to my lower back, excessive calcium buildup, some exposed nerves, and because of pressure on those nerves, my legs are slowly becoming paralyzed. Other than that I am doing great. I control the pain with my Dynamic Internalization techniques, as well as use it for starting a regeneration program for Cell tissue in the damaged areas. That is the reason for this post, regeneration of any damaged organs or tissue to the body.

Amazing recent discovers about stem cells have caused the medical field to recognize it as the Miracle Cell. Drug companies are terrified of its potential and are spending millions on stopping, or at the very least, slowing down any research.

Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do: the Origins of MMA, Part Four

It is the body healing itself, rather than using drugs. The verified case histories are a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel for those with Cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, lime disease, chemical depression, lung or kidney disease and the list goes on and on. I have been fascinated with stem cell research for the last few years, but only recently, because of new discoveries, started to refocus all my efforts to tying in Dynamic Internalization techniques to access and stimulate specific stem cells to create new tissue.

I am very encouraged with recent results in my working with a few individuals that have visual, glaucoma, and hearing problems. A few years back, there was an uproar over using embryonic stem cells, for ethical reasons, since these were cells that would create the fetus.

However, it turned out that embryonic cells were not practical to use since they were already differentiated or predesigned for a specific purpose. Science needed an undifferentiated stem cell for more general applications. But there was still a problem, unless the stem cell was from the patient, it was quickly rejected as a foreign invader. So, they needed to find a stem cell that was undifferentiated and would not be rejected by the patient. What's great, is it is not only "the cell", it is not challenged from a religious or political source.

I will not go into detail of how this cell is the "God cell" and how they get them, let me just say I believe it is the medical discovery of all times. It is the key element in the brains triggering "spontaneous remission".

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My current efforts are to use my 50 years of teaching internalization techniques for personal development and develop my Dynamic Internalization applications, which is a step above hypnosis and meditation, , so they can access, stimulate the various stem cells. Although I am working with others, I am also working overtime on myself.

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  7. I have special techniques to ask questions and get answers from my sub-conscious relative to stem cells and my potential response. I also make recordings for others and myself to reinforce any progress and to simplify the program. There are hundreds of videos and printed info on stem cells, If you want to see an interesting stem cell video, contact me at jwdemile gmail. I find this fun and exciting and look forward to a healthy and more productive second half of my life.

    Any questions?????

    Please share if you know someone with a problem. DeMile's co-worker and friend. DeMile 's history is updated on his website as audio chapters, so you can choose to listen or read his journey. Sijo James DeMile's newest post. Question was posed to Sijo: Was there any one thing that made Bruce Lee so effective a fighter? Aloha again, for the second time in over a year. I dropped off the social media merry- go-round once again.

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    Still trying to decide how to leave facebook and s Just received a long email from a friend writing a book about Bruce and this was one of his questions, which I felt was important, so I thought I would share my response. Was there any one thing that made Bruce Lee so effective as a fighter?.

    Jesse, Ed and I often talked about this and all agreed on one specific factor, his ability to shut down your offensive and defensive options during his attack. We all had been in many fights, yet not one of us ever had our arms trapped during a fight. His core principles of trapping were truly unique to Bruce.

    To Bruce, size made no difference. If you had two arms, he could trap you. Trapping simply described any technique that restricted your opponents ability to counter. It could be simple or complex. They can start a trap, but cannot follow-up with flowing traps, except in a demo with a practiced partner.

    Trapping requires a few critical elements. One, is understanding spring energy and two, is having the ability to constantly flow with that energy, regardless of the opponents movements. What made his trapping principles so practical was they could be used by any martial arts system.

    They were not restricted to gung fu, they were based on scientific bio-mechanical principles that anyone could learn and do.

    Bruce Lee and Chinese Kung Fu

    MMA, boxers, other martial arts styles, even free style street fighters could all profit by understanding basic spring energy control concepts. Champions become champions, not in just how hard they train, but also, and more importantly, what they train in. Bruce believed you had to throw away any label, if you wanted to be the best at anything, and search for the elements to reach your goal.

    In self defense, it is looking past any style labels and seeing what they have to offer. Not only that, but be around fighters who you could brainstorm with and explore different fight scenarios from different points of view. I do not mean sitting around after training chatting over a beer. I mean it is part of your daily training.

    How many of you reading this have ever used this brain storming approach in your training? Probably none. The original Seattle group were mostly street fighters and spent many hours creating phantom fights and then breaking them down into many pieces for discussion. The group did not evolve their questions from gung fu or any one style and there was no one person in charge. Bruce was just one of the guys throwing in his ideas. We all described fights we had been in and what we did right and wrong.

    We always had a lot of questions for open discussion. How did a fight start? Should you let them attack or should you attack? What is the difference in setting up against a boxer, a street fighter, a wrestler or more than one opponent?

    Follow Bruce Lee: Wing Chun modification Follow Bruce Lee: Wing Chun modification
    Follow Bruce Lee: Wing Chun modification Follow Bruce Lee: Wing Chun modification
    Follow Bruce Lee: Wing Chun modification Follow Bruce Lee: Wing Chun modification
    Follow Bruce Lee: Wing Chun modification Follow Bruce Lee: Wing Chun modification
    Follow Bruce Lee: Wing Chun modification Follow Bruce Lee: Wing Chun modification
    Follow Bruce Lee: Wing Chun modification Follow Bruce Lee: Wing Chun modification
    Follow Bruce Lee: Wing Chun modification Follow Bruce Lee: Wing Chun modification

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