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Would you feel funny about it, or would you feel like it was something that was coming to you for all the hard work you've done? Rachel: I didn't feel bad about it at all. I felt like, "Yeah, this is great! It was sort a form of insurance I felt like.

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Todd: So because you have the European Union, can somebody theoretically get on the dole in Scotland and then like go and move to Greece or Spain and just live on the dole in a cheaper country? Rachel: I think that's not possible because you have to show up at the employment office on a regular basis so I think that would be impossible. Todd: Oh, that's too bad because if you could, that's what I'd do. Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson unemployment benefits.


Unemployment benefits are ways the government helps people who do not have or can not find a job. Notice the following.

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Nowadays, those definitions are not so clear. Notice the samples. More Lessons Free Courses. Views Advanced 7.

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Rachel talks with Todd about 'the dole' in the UK and how people feel about it. Your browser does not support the audio tag. Script Vocab Quiz Rachel. Learn Vocabulary from the Lesson.

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Your browser does not support the audio element. Answer the following questions about the interview. Around workers, who mostly performed administrative jobs, will be displaced for as long as 6 months. The aid will be extended to the workers for two months. However, their displacement may last 6 months.

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Most of them worked administrative jobs, and are now left in a "no work, no pay" situation. The Public Employment Service Office of Pasay will profile and assess the displaced workers for potential alternative employment. The program caters to displaced, underemployed, and seasonal workers. In the past, it was used by employees affected by the 6-month Boracay closure, those affected by the Mayon Volcano eruption in , and those displaced by the NCCC Mall fire.

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Star City will be closed through the Christmas season. According to Pasay City fire marshal Supt. Paul Pili, estimated damage amounted to P15 million. Pili said that arson could have been a cause of the fire, based on the char patterns and irregular bend of metal elements found in the initial observations.

The investigation regarding the incident could take up to 45 days.

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